Jaymes White returns to the Avalon!

Jaymes launched the cross-Canada tour of his critically acclaimed stage show PARADOX in 2013. After a premiere which sold out in three days Jaymes has been astounding sold out crowds ever since. While developing and performing PARADOX Jaymes wrote and starred in his television series Mind Games and has quickly vaulted into the Canadian entertainment scene. Jaymes' fascination with the mysteries of the human mind and the patterns that exist in our subconscious has granted him a transcendent understanding of human psychology. Among other accomplishments Jaymes has been able to use hypnotism and suggestion to induce volunteers to forget their own name, he has inserted a needle into a volunteer's arm without the experience of pain. By producing a rapport between individuals Jaymes has been able to allow complete strangers to seemingly read each other's minds. Jaymes has been able to exploit universal subconscious patterns to predict the behaviour of both crowds of bystanders as well as that of his audiences. Jaymes has also trained his memory so that it is more powerful and reliable than an eidetic memory. 

Jaymes White & Avalon Present: The Art of Mindreading 
Friday December 11th @ 8pm
Saturday December 12th @ 2:30pm & 8pm 
Sunday December 13th @ 2:30pm & 7pm

the Avalon studio 

Renowned Mindreader Jaymes White takes a break from the big stage and once again brings his mind-blowing brand of entertainment to the Avalon Studio. Each night Jaymes and a small group of lucky individuals will explore ancient mind reading customs and traditions in ‘The Art of Mindreading.’  

This show is based on the Oracle act. Using the ancient study of mindreading, Jaymes with the help of the audience, is able to accomplish astonishing feats of memory, hypnotism and mindreading. Jaymes has a thorough understanding of statistics, his own intuition, logic and the hidden talents of the human mind. Audiences of all ages leave Jaymes' shows feeling amazed, uplifted, and with a much greater appreciation for the untapped potential within their own mind.

"The show was incredible, Jaymes blew my mind"

Erin M.

"I don't think I've ever quite seen anything like it"

Leslie B.